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Letter from the authors, Frank Belanger and James Dodson


From: Frank Bélanger and James Dodson


Dear Friend,

Let's get right to the point....

NHL Hockey betting is becoming one of the hottest things on the Internet these days, and people everywhere are trying to figure out how to make money at it on their own.

And when they don't make squat, they shake their heads and wonder what went wrong!

So, If you would like to profit from hockey betting every single day and make a nice consistent income from home... then this is going to be the most exciting information you will ever read toward that goal!. 

However, before I get "fired up" and start telling you about our incredible way to make a killing betting on hockey, you need to know this:

YES.. It's true! We are really making a bundle betting on hockey. 

Many people that have used our system have made a LOT OF MONEY.  These hockey clients are from many countries around the world! 

Even though we can't promise you 100% win rate... those who use our system always make money every season. The professionals are using this!

Now, if you would like to use the most amazing hockey betting system to build a fortune over the next couple of months, I’m urging you right now to …

Go Lock The Door, Take the Phone Off The Hook, Make Yourself Comfortable & Read Every Single Word Of This Letter, Because It's That Important!

Ok, If you are like me you're sick and tired of reading super-long web pages that promise you everything and hope to persuade you by wearing down your resistance with 8,000 words.

In that light, I'm going to keep this refreshingly short and to the point. You see, I know your time is valuable too!

Our closest friends are telling us we're crazy, because we're giving away our successful hockey betting system... but we don't care.

On the following page, we're giving you EVERYTHING we know about how to make money betting on hockey, including...

Every daily hockey selection we use to make a nice profit each and every season!.

Why?.... Because we're sick and tired of watching nice, regular people be taken advantage of by the sports betting systems scammers and giving them their hard earned money.

The fact is, it is very difficult to make steady money at hockey betting.  Sportsbooks know it and this is why they make profit every year.  However, it's possible to make a fortune betting on hockey online! ...You just have to know how! 

The fact is...if you do not use a proven system, you are GUARANTEE to lose money.  No wonder these sportsbooks are ready to pay the search engines $8 every time a surfer click one of their links.  That's a cheap price to buy a sucker.

Sportsbooks know that the average sports gambler will lose over $300 a week ..Right into their banks.  Especially at hockey betting.  Every innocent surfer who thinks they will make a few dollars on a bet ends up donating more than $300 to these sites.

The reality is that 98% of bettors are losing money…a lot of money.  The remaining 2% are professional bettors.  They are making a living betting on hockey.  Is it possible ?  Yes of course it is!

Ask any sportsbook manager and he will tell you that 1-2% of his regular clients are always winning over the long run.  How they do that?  

The key is...

A Proven Hockey Betting System is THE Key You Need for Success!… And We Discovered and Developed the Best Darn Hockey Betting Systems On the Planet!

If you don’t use a proven hockey betting system that works, you will lose money.

OK...before we go any further, please let me introduce myself.

My name is Frank Bélanger.  I'm the author of the best selling sports betting ebook at clickbank "BOOKIE BUSTER".   

I started up betting on sports online as a hobby about 17 years ago.  Ever since then, I developed and created many sports betting systems or methods of play that could be used to beat the bookies and make good money.

Now I hear you say...

Do I know my stuff ?  

It's ok, I know how you feel and it is perfectly normal to be skeptical so, please read what I have to say very carefully.  In 2005, I released an amazing college football system (American Football NCAA) to my subscribers.  Hundreds of people got their hand on this system and we all made a killing with it.  We’ve earned thousands of dollars from this system.

Do you know what ?  

In 2006, more than 95% of all reputable online sportsbooks changed their rules about the kind of betting we were doing for another sport.  They didn’t have any choices because they were losing millions of dollars every week.

So, now do you think I know my stuff ?  Yes I do! 

After the phenomenal success of my unique sports betting systems, I was contacted by literally hundreds and hundreds of people from all walks of life. To be honest, I was overwhelmed. Many happy customers thanked me and complimented me on the simplicity of my sports betting systems, saying how simple and easy they are to use.

But the number one question I was being asked over and over again was whether I could actually create a powerful hockey betting system and take you by the hand and walk you through the whole process of quickly building a solid bankroll and building a real hockey betting fortuneAnd the simple answer is...YES I can!

So, 7 years ago, my business partner James and I started to work on a new hockey system that uses powerful trends.  We found an amazing way to use the underdogs or favorite with value to beat the sportsbooks. 

We did some back testing for the last 4 seasons and BANG!  It worked like a charm! 

After many hours of discussion with a cross section of our existing, and some of our potential clients, we decided to put together what we truly believe to be our most easiest and profitable formula ever, for making virtually INSTANT and on going profits betting on hockey.

An incredible CASH-ON-DEMAND system ready to start making you money, literally within HOURS!


Our Mind-Blowing Hockey System Will Bring You Up To +50 Units Profit Every Season On Moneyline!

Yes! Our magic system is so powerful that it will produce hundreds of opportunities every year!  All selections will be on moneyline underdogs or favorite with a real value!  The win ratio is over 60% for the last 4 years! You won't believe it when you'll start to make money with this underground hockey betting system!

And you know what?

You stake $10 a earn up to $500 every season...

You stake $25 a earn up to $1250 every season...

You stake $100 a earn up to $5,000 every season...

You stake $200 a earn up to $10,000 a year...

And if you stake $1,000 a game like us, you'll earn up to $50,000 every season!


We're Handling You The Exact Same Bets That Make Us Over $50,000 Every Hockey Season --  Up to +50 Units Profit EVERY YEAR...

Most service or system sellers can't promise you even close to that kind of success every year ... let alone the first month ...

But I know it's possible with this system ... because we've done exactly that ... If you use all our daily bets, this is the kind of results you will get...


No Special Education Required

You certainly don't need any special education to make money with these systems. We simply take you by the hand and give you all the selections you must bet on. Heck, you don't even have to do anything except opening your email from us and placing these bets.  We use these hockey selections and the money comes in consistently!

If we do it, YOU CAN DO IT TOO! We're here to help to do just that. Our mind-blowing hockey system predictions will provide you everyday with the winning selections.  You will use the same hockey selections that we personally use to make thousands of dollars every month.

Our small group of beta testers were amazed at how much money they made in their first months while just beta testing our new hockey betting system!




Hi Frank and James, Want to thank you for spending so much time, work and money into developing this hockey system! All you do is for one reason; helping other people to succeed! After testing your hockey selections for a few weeks, I decided to throw all my other handicapping services away. Your one is more than enough. Thanks for sharing so much!"

Brad D, Indiana

I STRONGLY recommend to EVERYONE interested in running a successful sports betting business! The service was excellent.   The selections were great.  You guys rock!

Paul White, Toronto

This is just a quick note to let you know that I have lost count of the amount of money that I have lost on different services I have tried UNTIL I came to your site.

Now I will have total success betting on hockey and will be able to build my bank for the first time! I owe you guys big time!

Josh, Ohio


Can This System Really Make The Difference?

Absolutely! You bet it can.

Listen, I'm not going to tell you that you'll make thousands of dollars every day. If anyone tells you that, please laugh at them and show no mercy. I'm not going to say you'll double your money every few weeks or be out dating movie stars with your new-found wealth.

Believe me when I say that if doesn't revolutionize your hockey betting, arouse unstoppable enthusiasm and fire-up your results to run-away profits then no other service, course or system will. And that's the plain and simple truth.


A Revolutionary Breakthrough Approach To Hockey Betting That's Sweeping Hockey Betting World And Exploding The Profit Potential Of Sports Investors Now!

Forget just about everything you've heard from the latest so called sports betting gurus. You will waste thousands of days and thousands of dollars trying to figure out if their systems and approach work for you. maps out a complete blueprint for your hockey betting success from start to finish.

With the exact NHL hockey predictions will be posted in the members area everyday.  Nothing is left out, nothing is left to guess-work and nothing else is needed to piece it all together.

Making money betting on hockey the old way is very hard. But what if...

     there was a Hockey betting program that could generate money almost immediately

     there was a Hockey betting program that anyone could easily use and have success

     there was a Hockey betting program that could start generating substantial income right away

     there was a Hockey betting program that doesn't need any handicapping skills

     there was a Hockey betting program that only needed to be joined once and then use over and over again  as long as you want

     there was a Hockey betting program that couldn't possibly fail and NEVER HAS FAILED WHEN A CLIENT STARTS FROM DAY 1 OF THE NHL HOCKEY SEASON !

     there was a Hockey betting program that is designed to make you earn up to +50 units profit every hockey season using simple flat betting. We always recommend using 5% of starting bankroll as "risk" amount per each game. No Crazy chase systems with bad odds!

Would you be willing to give it a shot? I'll BET you would!

You could waste years of your time studying tons of sports betting systems and courses whilst your account balance slips away. Forget all those, these are the only systems that uncover and provide you with these great underground hockey predictions with this amazing breakthrough approach. You could be just minutes from lifelong prosperity.

You Don't Have To Spend Thousands of Dollars
To Learn a Killer Hockey Betting Method.....

...believe it or not this may even delay your route to profits. You already know the vast expense of all the courses, software and services. More importantly you know about the crushing weight of month after month of vanishing cash.

Order your remarkable membership right now and be using it within a few short minutes via our instant access.

I would have gladly handed over $1000 for NHL-PICKS.COM, because it has made me many multiples of this amount in truckloads of profits. But $1000 would mean there's a possibility you may not join and you'll never benefit from the gems inside.

$1000 is a tiny fraction of what NHL-PICKS.COM could be worth to you but you'll be shocked and surprised to discover it's even less than one-tenth of this amount. Yes, you can start your amazing journey to profits now for ONLY $497 $197 $127 for the full season!

Most other services charge this much per day or even per game!

Why do we offer for such a low price? Simple...because we can! We have clients in many countries worldwide and we can afford to be a price leader within the sports investing industry because of our large client base.

What am I crazy? For such a low price you could be winning more money betting on hockey than you can imagine ! What is that actually worth to you?


This price may increase at any time without notice, so please do not delay. You'll be beating yourself up if you return tomorrow or Monday and the price has doubled, as I cannot guarantee to hold this price past midnight tonight.

Claim your membership today! These hockey selections can be accessed right now! At this very low price, it is worth every last penny...

Follow these hockey selections and you'll be speeding past other sports bettors like a road runner on steroids. These systems are so powerful you'll be simply itching for the next game to begin.

FACT: Absolutely the easiest way for you to become a successful hockey investor to model yourself on those sports investors who are already successful. It's simple really.

FACT: Very few people are able to do exactly that.


Because almost every successful hockey 'Investor' does what they do intuitively and doesn't have the slightest clue how to teach it to you.

That's where NHL-PICKS is pure genius. The best definition of genius you'll ever hear, is "taking the complex and making it simple". "Simple" such that normal people, like you and I can use and apply it.

NHL-PICKS has the unique ability to provide you the winning Underdog picks and total goals of many specific games that  will make you a truly successful hockey 'Investor'. With just a glimpse of the awesome power of NHL-PICKS you'll understand exactly why it will make such a difference to your success. And believe me, once you "get it" you really do get it.

Make no mistake - after joining our team you've got everything you need to cash-in and begin to make a killing at your sportsbook - but wait...

... there's still one final thing

100% 'Better-Than-Risk-Free' Guarantee

In case you have any lingering doubts whatsoever, I want to make this opportunity as risk-free as possible (in fact even better-than-risk-free). So I will completely guarantee your success using NHL-PICKS.COM with my ironclad, rock-solid guarantee:


If, after using NHL-PICKS.COM you don't believe it is everything I say it is... if you aren't positively thrilled with all the moneymaking potential it has for you... if it doesn't give you goose bumps and several sleepless nights with thoughts of its potential... or if you're dissatisfied in any way simply return it within 60 days for a 100% money back refund.

That means you get 2 full months to "test drive" and apply these astonishing betting selections and if you ever do want a refund it's on its way - no hassles and no silly questions. 

I've totally demolished any chance of risk for you whatsoever. Is it your betting dream to find a powerful hockey betting system...? If so, you've just uncovered some of the finest hockey betting systems you will ever find.

Why would I make such a one-sided guarantee in your favor?

Well, the truth is I'm not really worried about refunds because I've seen how powerful NHL-PICK has been in my own betting (and for my colleagues and clients as well). In fact, once you get your hands on this information and see the incredible potential, you'd have to be almost insane to cancel your membership. I can't possibly be any fairer than that.

Oh, how I wish I'd found it sooner!!

A mind-blowing hockey system like the ones you'll be using with NHL-PICKS.COM would have saved me tens of thousands of dollars, years of wasted effort and what seemed like a life-time of frustration.

In fact NHL-PICKS.COM provides everything I wish I could have had when I started betting on hockey and the simple truth is this:

I would never again allow a friend or relative anywhere to place a bet on hockey if the selections don't come from NHL-PICKS.COM.

Since you've read this far, you've already proven you're a 'cut above' the masses. Most will just glance over a page and then blindly surf on, but you're different. You're reading every last word and this personal quality, this desire to seek out more, this attention to detail are all factors critical to your success as a hockey investor.

You've already shown you've got what it takes to create your very own run-away profits frenzy. Why not go ahead? You can only gain from this offer - you owe it to yourself and your future to take advantage of this "better-than-risk-free" guarantee. The risk is entirely on my shoulders.

Click here now and you can be using our unbelievable hockey selections in 5 minutes. There's absolutely no way you can live with missing out. The truth is, not one single person I know has ever made money by taking a pass when such an opportunity came knocking. Can you imagine your delight when you join NHL-PICKS and see the difference it makes to your hockey betting?

Trust your gut feeling and go for it! You'll be glad you did.

Okay Frank, I Want That membership... What Should I Do Now?

It's easy to join. All you need to do is click the order button below, and place your secure order. As soon as you place your order, you'll immediately be taken to the registration page where you can get your hands on the "NHL-PICKS.COM" selections.

Your chance to earn thousands every month for only $497.00 $197 $127

Get your credit card out immediately and click the order link below...

Become one of the people that are smart enough to grab this opportunity at this ridiculous low price NOW! 


YES Frank! - I Want to Secure My Membership of "NHL-PICKS.COM" Right NOW!

I am taking you up on your incredible offer today at the price of only $497 $197 $127 and will receive by email and access online in the member area all the hockey selections that you release to make money investing on hockey.

I understand this offer has a 60-day ironclad money-back guarantee. So if the membership does not deliver what it promised, I can cancel it for a prompt and courteous refund.

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Only $127

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Go ahead and place your order right now. You'll get instant access to these amazing hockey selections, even if it's 3 in the morning.


If you have any questions regarding the NHL-PICKS.COM you may contact us via email at



Frank Belanger


P.S. Remember, with the "better-than-risk-free" guarantee you can try out NHL-PICKS.COM for 60 days - that's a full 2 months money back guarantee with no questions asked. 

P.P.S. NHL-PICKS will fast become the "must use" hockey service of the year for you as a hockey investor, who's serious about profits and lots of them. Order now to discover what's causing all the excitement and what it will do for you. But you need to act quickly before I raise the price again.

P.P.P.S. Hey! You don't even need to make up your mind now. Use NHL-PICKS.COM at your leisure, apply it for 60 days and if you are even one percent unhappy during this time, simply cancel it. What is the next step you will take to improve your hockey betting ?  Join NHL-PICKS.COM now and it's only possible to gain.


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